Current Selection of Blended Scotches
ROYAL SALUTEBlended from whiskies matured for at least 21 years700ml$130.00
J & B RARE 1 Liter$27.00
GRANTS DISTILLERY EDITIONDistillery Edition Duty Free Exclusive1 Liter$19.00
FAMOUS GROUSEThe No. 1 whisky is Scotland since 19801 Liter$26.00
TEACHERS 1 Liter$18.00
CHIVAS12YO with cradle stand4.5 Liter$140.00
J WALKERBlue Label750ML$175.00
J WALKERBlack Label4.5 Liter$155.00
J WALKERRed Label1 Liter$25.00
J WALKERBlack Label1 Liter$44.00
DEWARSWhite Label1.14 Liter$24.00
J WALKER THE SPICE ROADFrom the Explorer Club Collection, exclusive to Travel Retail1 Liter$45.00
J WALKER THE GOLD ROUTEFrom the Explorer Club Collection, exclusive to Travel Retail1 Liter$92.00
J WALKERPlatinum Label1 Liter$107.00
J WALKERDouble Black1 Liter$50.00
BLACK GROUSEThe Famous Grouse blend enhances enhance with specially selected peated malts.1 Liter$26.00
J WALKER SWINGSalute to the steamship age750ML$38.00
CHIVAS REGALAged 12 years1 Liter$40.00
CHIVAS BROTHERS BLENDEDA special blend made exclusively for Travel Retail1 Liter$42.00
CHIVAS 18YEARAged 18 years1 Liter$60.00
J WALKER GOLD RESERVEReplacement blend for the Gold Label 181 Liter$68.00
DEWARS SIGNATUREDewar’s premium blend750ML$145.00
GLENFIDDICH SELECT CASKA Travel Retail exclusive1 Liter$42.00
GLENFIDDICH RESERVE CASKA Travel Retail exclusive1 Liter$54.00
J WALKER XR 21Extra Rare Aged 21 Years750ML$125.00
DEWARS 18 YEARAged 18 Years750ML$65.00